Mandriva 2011

Hello all,

Mandriva 2011 now is officially released, and you can get it at

Take some time to look at and see whats new.

For those of you that already have Mandriva 2010.2 installed we have a handy guide to upgrade

Download test it, and let us know what you think. We are always on the #mandriva channel of Freenode IRC and you can report any bugs or ask anything using the sphere-client.

See ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Mandriva 2011 is coming…

Mandriva 2011 is almost finished, the final Images are being built, and next week it will be released for the world ๐Ÿ™‚

We have lots of good stuff to show between them I’ll highlight theย  great work from our coworkers of ROSA lab ( , in russian) :

SimpleWelcome – a revamped menu for KDE4, focusing usability and ease of use.

TimeFrame – a new utility for Nepomuk (a great tool for semantic desktop) that made easy follow your activities and show recent open photos and documents

RocketBar – the new taskbar for Mandriva Desktop

StackFolder – quick view for your folders with usability in mind

Sphere – a tool for technical support

MandrivaSync – the cloud service from Mandriva

Besides that, we have a new look and feel for Dolphin file manager and a totally revamped user interface all around including new themes for grub, plymouth, KDM, KDE Splash, KWin, Metacity,integration themes for GTK/QT , a new icon pack and some shine new wallpapers ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other nice tool, that will be available in the repositories is the new Mandriva Package Manager (MPM) that was developed for our team here in Brazil (special thanks to jvdm and paulob), and we are willing to listen you users so we can create an even better look and feel.

I will not talk about all that boring system stuffย  (RPM5, systemd, highly tested kernel,NetworkManager and such) in this post because I think that this is our basic obligation as Linux developers to work on, and foment all the great work of the community, so I choose to focus this post on the new fancy stuff that we bring to the community.

So as you could see, it was busy months of work, and we are working hard to bring you a good looking and high usable system. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soon more news about what is coming and where to get your own Mandriva 2011 Desktop.

Firefox is here!

Hello all,

I finished some days ago the packaging of Firefox in the Mandriva Cooker (development version) and now we are closer to the new Firefox rapid release cycle.

For those who dont know about what is the rapid release cycle, you can get some infos here.

So, for Mandriva Cooker now we have 3 different firefox packaged:

firefox – The stable release (today is version 4)

firefox-beta – The beta channel, where you can get some newer features and test then (today version 5.0)

firefox-aurora – That is a freeze of the nightly builds in a known good state, for real hard users that dont bother to have some crashes (today version 6.0)

All this an urpmi away !

The versions should be compatible with each other, so no configurations and profile data is lost when switching between them.

And the new version 5.0 will be available as a final stable replacement in 21 june, so lookout and keep in touch with the new release cycle at

Hello World! and OpenClass

Hello visitors!

Initiating this blog with a classical hello world post, but lets extend it, and lets talk about OpenClass a newcomer too ๐Ÿ™‚

OpenClass is a classroom control software (in the same shape as iTALC )

But why another classroom control software anyway?

You could read more on andย

This project is leaded by my good friend Eugeni Dodonov, and I hope to help him, before he do all by himself :p