Firefox is here!

Hello all,

I finished some days ago the packaging of Firefox in the Mandriva Cooker (development version) and now we are closer to the new Firefox rapid release cycle.

For those who dont know about what is the rapid release cycle, you can get some infos here.

So, for Mandriva Cooker now we have 3 different firefox packaged:

firefox – The stable release (today is version 4)

firefox-beta – The beta channel, where you can get some newer features and test then (today version 5.0)

firefox-aurora – That is a freeze of the nightly builds in a known good state, for real hard users that dont bother to have some crashes (today version 6.0)

All this an urpmi away !

The versions should be compatible with each other, so no configurations and profile data is lost when switching between them.

And the new version 5.0 will be available as a final stable replacement in 21 june, so lookout and keep in touch with the new release cycle at